Brooke: (English) This name means “small stream” and can be spelled as Brook, too.

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All gorgeous names, and there are variations of these beauties in our unique list.

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Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, and are often associated with girls.

Apr 22, 2023 · Almeda: For the hardest-working little peanut, Almeda is a Latin exotic girl name for “ambitious”. . All gorgeous names, and there are variations of these beauties in our unique list.

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100 Girl Names That Start.

Angela: Spanish girl name meaning “angel”.

The name Mahika means “ dew”. Hrithik.

Jabari: A musical-sounding but still one of the most badass exotic female names we’ve heard, meaning “brave. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

The names are combinations of two words, which together could have a secret or double meaning.
Bathsheba: Meaning “ daughter of the oath”.
Angela: Spanish girl name meaning “angel”.

40 Unique Modern GirlsNames with Strong and Beautiful Meanings.

The top 100 is rounded off by the super adorable name Olive, a twist on that sublime name comes in at number 481 on our unique list.

Beautiful Girl Names with Meanings from P-Z. All of these girlsnames have meanings related to other celestial objects. .

Code name generator. . . Names Meaning ‘Flower’ For Your Little Girl. Bala or Balla: Meaning “dance”.

Elmina: For the willful warrior, Elmina is one of the more exotic girl names meaning “helmet” or “protection” in German.

There are tons of funny code names as well as some cute code names. .

Aubrey – English meaning “ruler”.

Read on to discover 75 uncommon girls' names and their meanings – perhaps you'll discover 'the one' for your bundle of joy.


You want something that holds personal meaning, but is also unique to your baby.

A sense of ethereal bliss is rooted with dark names.